A Better Way to Exit

Shoreline Growth Partners provides business owners with attractive options for liquidity and transition. Our team brings the experience, focus and flexibility to ensure your lasting legacy.

Here’s how we differentiate ourselves from traditional exit opportunities and equity firms:

 Shoreline GPPrivate EquityStrategic Buyer
Role of OwnerFlexible – Based on situationEither full commitment or forced departureOften minimal
Company LegacyPreserved and grownUnclearOften disappears into larger company legacy
Deal TermsFlexible – Based on situationMore rigid with high leverageOften stock, some cash
Source of CapitalGroup of successful entrepreneurs and operating executivesInstitutional (pension funds and insurance companies)Public and private funds
Value CreationBuilding and growing the companyFinancial EngineeringAcquisition synergies and cost cutting
Investment HorizonLong term. No pre-set deadlinesTypically 3-5 years restricted by the life of the fundVaries based on business strategy
Commitment100% full time active management. Only investmentOne of several portfolio companiesOne of many corporate divisions
GovernanceFocused management and BoardInvestors with some operational experienceLayers of large company management


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